Sean Stiller / Director + Cinematographer

Filmmaker based in Toronto and Vancouver, Canada
Documentary / Television / Branded / Indigenous Productions

About Me


Director + Cinematographer Demo Reel

Sean Stiller’s directorial and cinematography demo reel featuring recent work in film, television and branded/commercial productions.

Returning Home

"Returning Home balances Stiller’s stunning cinematography with clear-eyed testimonies to the unforgivable transgressions endured by Phyllis and other survivors within the walls of residential schools. Likewise, it effectively illustrates what it means to truly be in good relationship with the land..." - VIFF

Sephora Canada

Short films featuring Montreal-based proud Inuk throat singer, Shina Novalinga, and Winnipeg-based Nehinaw content creator and changemaker, Michelle Chubb, as part of Sephora Canada’s first-ever National Indigenous History Month Campaign.

100 Years

Music video for Amanda Rheume's new single, 100 Years. Produced by Ottawa based Ishkode Records.


An award-winning film by Sean Stiller, Kewku weaves the tumultuous life experiences of Ralph Phillips to his relationship with the healing medicine sage. Filmed in Secwepemc/Shuswap territory in the interior of British Columbia, Canada.


The official music video for FREE by Andrea Ramolo, featuring Kinnie Starr and Emilee Ann Pitawanakwat

Four Days at the National Preservation Centre

Four Days at the National Preservation Centre (2019) is a symphonic short documentary about the mechanics of one country’s efforts to conserve its archival heritage.


Do you know a young person in your city who's new to Canada? Do you know what it means for a young person to migrate to Canada in their late teens? Follow the complex daily lives of two late-arriving newcomer youth to Vancouver and the barrage of barriers they face and overcome on a daily basis, to access and finish their basic education and to seek out and pursue career opportunities.

o5 Tea

A cinematic journey into the inner world of tea and the meditative craft of its preparation. A creative collaboration with o5 Rare Tea Bar in Vancouver, BC, Canada.


A documentary exploration of what it is to be Indigenous in Canada - seen through the day-to-day reality of an Anishanaabe youth living in Toronto.


The everyday intimacy of climate change often goes under-acknowledged. This short film explores the dislocation, grief, and longing we all feel from the changes happening to our shared home. Can we find healing in acknowledging and accepting the sorrow and pain we are experiencing?

CNIB Foundation

A branded short film documenting the unveiling of a tactile rebrand for the Canadian National Institute for the Blind Foundation in Toronto, Canada.

Sigma ARTisans – Don Taylor

A mini documentary featuring Don Taylor, a Toronto-based bookbinder and all around lover of books. Commissioned by Sigma Canada as part of their ARTisan series, shot exclusively with their ART line of lenses.

Vancouver Mural Festival

A series of short films produced for the 2020 Vancouver Mural Festival, featuring a partnership with the Squamish First Nation and a vignette highlighting Indigenous led mural designs.


A documentary film featuring a series of individual client vignettes that together tell the story of Gerstein's F.R.E.S.H. program - finding recovery through Exercise, Skills and Hope.

Stephen F. Fisher

A documentary film exploring the day-to-day work and life philosophy of Toronto-based knife maker Stephen Fisher, at his studio Helve Haft and Handle.

Trevaun Banks

The premiere story in Seventh Generation Image Maker's Focus/Indigenous series, featuring Toronto-based Afro-Indigenous street photographer Trevaun Banks.

TASSC – Toronto’s Indigenous Community

A commissioned documentary capturing a glimpse of the value that Indigenous peoples bring to the broader community within Toronto.