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Orca Spirit Adventures

A commissioned photo essay documenting Orca Spirit Adventure’s whale watching tours in Victoria, BC. More →


Orca Spirit Adventures is one of Victoria’s premier whale watching tour companies, in existence for nearly 20 years. Their roots and commitment to Victoria go far beyond merely whale watching – extending to marine naturalist knowledge and education, support for conservation efforts and beach cleanups and investing in many non-profits throughout the city.

Sean Stiller was recently commissioned in conjunction with Armada Design Group to create a body of photography for Orca Spirit Adventure’s whale watching tours in Victoria. As part of a larger re-branding initiative for the company, including a new website and promotional video, the photography is intended to communicate visually the experience and excitement of being part of a tour.

We documented the Orca Spirit whale watching experience over several days, from a more intense experience on smaller Zodiac boats to accompanying larger groups on their flagship boat.

The imagery is currently online on the brand new Orca Spirit website, be sure to check it out!